Lemaire Patent Law Firm PLLC was founded in 2003 by Charles A. Lemaire.  With patent professionals having collectively over forty years of experience patenting complex technologies, the Lemaire Patent Law Firm (LPatent®) offers full-service patent prosecution, including drafting, filing, and prosecuting U.S. patent applications and PCT/national phase applications, and providing licensing, opinions, and other patent legal services.

Counseling and education

From the first discussion through the receipt of the issued patent, we help our clients by advising them on portfolio building and innovation patentability, drafting comprehensive patent applications, and prosecuting those applications through all responses and/or appeals to successful allowance and issued patents. We can also provide notice letters, and opinions of counsel regarding validity, infringement, or design-arounds.

Speed, neatness, and accuracy protect innovations

With hundreds of successful complex technology applications and issued patents behind us, we work efficiently, producing quality patents with quick turnaround. In a world where new technologies are constantly being created, seconds count. We?re not the biggest firm on the block, but we are the best at what we do. That means you will have our complete attention and the strongest, highest-quality patents possible. Our focus is on fast turnaround and quality.

Lemaire Patent Law Firm has drafted and prosecuted patent applications in a wide variety of complex technology areas including:

Electronics, software, computer Architecture, ECC, PRML, Wavelet, Discrete Cosine, FFT and other coding technologies, magnetics, disk recording and mechanical technologies, optics and lasers, non-destructive testing, epitaxial crystal synthesis, multi-layer composite armor, utility and plant patents on conventionally bred plants, bioinformatics